Leather pants are not part of the basic women's wardrobe, but their versatility is enormous. They will organically fit into the office, casual and even romantic or solemn image. That is why leather pants have become a real trend in the last season. On sale, you can find a huge number of options, from which the eyes just run up. How and with what to combine leather trousers? Let's figure it out.

How to choose leather pants?

The right pair of leather pants can be a versatile staple that can be used in place of classics or jeans, as well as spice up your wardrobe a bit. Helpful Hints:

  • Pants should enhance the pluses of your figure. For example, cropped flared models can visually reduce height. And tight skinnies add volume.
  • A universal option - straight or slightly narrowed down models of standard length. They fit any figure.
  • It is worth giving preference to leather trousers only with a medium or high fit. Models with a low waist change the proportions of the figure and often look sloppy.
  • There are all possible shades of leather trousers on the market. Classic - black color, which will successfully fit into any clothes wardrobe. Also, pants in dark green, caramel or beige shades are suitable as a base.
  • If you are tired of boring materials, you should take a closer look at textured options. For example, finishing under the skin of a snake or crocodile, vinyl. To balance the outrageousness of a piece, combine it with basic items in discreet colors.
  • The skin itself looks defiant. For everyday wear, you should not purchase products with a large number of decorative elements (patch pockets, rhinestones, voluminous inserts). If you want to emphasize originality, it is better to choose a model with contrasting stitching or slits on the legs.

Leather is a rather difficult material to process and sew. When choosing a thing, pay attention to its quality, it should not be too thick or rough. Keep in mind that genuine leather quickly stretches, when trying on trousers should sit tight. Artificial analogues are usually not so plastic, they keep their original shape for quite a long time. You can find the ingredients on the product label.

Current styles of leather trousers

Today, the market offers a huge range of styles of leather trousers, among which you can easily choose a model for your needs. It can be wide, tight or straight products. Especially popular are high-waisted options, culottes and bananas. But there are many other styles, below we will consider the most relevant this season.

High waisted

The popularity of this style is due to the fact that high-waisted trousers make the figure more proportional and slim. This fit visually narrows the waist and focuses on the contour of the hips. A high-waisted model is a great choice for overweight women, as the elastic material will disguise a rounded belly. A high fit is also relevant for owners of a “rectangle” figure, but in this case it is better to choose a model that sits freely on the belt.


These pants are very comfortable, so they can be used for everyday wear or put on for work. Wide models have many advantages - they visually stretch the silhouette and make it slimmer. If you choose the right shoes, you can add a few centimeters in height.


This model of trousers is wide at the hips and slightly narrowed towards the bottom, the landing is most often overstated. Bananas are great for slender women of average height. They can be used in everyday outfit in combination with a shirt, jacket or cropped jacket. Tight-fitting tops, such as a turtleneck, pullover or top, look especially beautiful with bananas.


In the last season, leather chinos and cargo pants have become very popular. In the first case, these are classic pipes with turn-ups along the bottom edge, and in the second case, these are trousers with patch pockets. A shortened model should not be chosen by women of short stature, since such a style visually reduces even the longest legs. For everyday wear and various events, it is better to choose straight cropped trousers, they favorably emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. And if you want to emphasize the hips, then you should choose a narrowed style.


In this case, straight trousers are models that have the same leg width along the entire length. In the classic version, the length should open the heel a little and reach approximately the middle of the heel. This allows you to feel comfortable, visually stretch the silhouette, make it more elegant. However, there are also shortened versions of straight trousers.


Skinny leather trousers go well with almost any outfit, it is only important to choose the right overall look. They can be worn with tops, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and even tunics. This style is suitable only for owners of slender legs, so they are able to emphasize their beauty.


It is not easy to choose and combine culottes correctly, but with the right selection of other things, such trousers can become an indispensable wardrobe item. They are in harmony with both a loose top and tight-fitting things, such as a turtleneck, which is suitable for owners of a slender figure. When choosing shoes, you should give preference to models with heels - this way the image will be more complete, and the figure will be slimmer.

Popular leather pants colors

Today you can find leather pants in almost all possible colors, but not every solution can be considered successful. Below are the hottest colors for this season.


These are versatile trousers that can be called classics. Brown color can be combined with different tops. But there are two really successful combinations:

  • With white or beige. Such colors perfectly complement each other, and the image becomes fresh and a little elegant. The combination is suitable both for the office and for walking around the city. You can add accents with the help of accessories.
  • With black. A classic color combination that looks simple and stylish. A black turtleneck, top or t-shirt with brown trousers is a versatile look for both a gala event and a party with friends.


Black leather pants are a must have in every woman's wardrobe. They can be used for any occasion and event. There are many options with which to combine such a model. They are in perfect harmony with a blouse, shirt, jacket or sweater.


Despite the outward simplicity, the beige color is rather capricious, especially for nude shades. It is better to choose beige with hints of gray, yellow or brown. These trousers can be combined with black, white, red, red or olive tops in almost any style.


This color can become the basis of the whole image. It is best paired with any classic shade such as brown, black or white. Especially carefully you need to approach the combination with red, too bright tones will create untidiness of the entire outfit. Contrasting combinations are also allowed, which is especially advantageous for an informal event.


There is probably no such shade that could not be combined with white leather pants. It's a timeless classic that goes with almost any look. This model looks especially advantageous in a total look in combination with a black top. In addition, the combination of white leather trousers and a sweater or blouse in various shades of brown looks harmonious.


One of the hottest colors for leather pants this season. This model is combined with any top in beige, dirty pink, gray, navy blue or purple. It is best to choose burgundy, close to brown, it looks calmer and more restrained.

Olive and Khaki

These are two close shades that are often used for leather trousers. With their help, you can create a simple and stylish image. And to complement the outfit will help a plain turtleneck, a blouse with a floral print or a classic white shirt.

What to wear with leather pants?

In this case, there are a huge number of options. You need to choose a top depending on the style you want and the purpose of your exit. After all, for example, completely different combinations are suitable for an office or a romantic meeting.

With a T-shirt

This is a simple and comfortable option for every day. In addition to leather trousers, loose-fitting cotton t-shirts in a solid shade are perfect. A bag, a headdress, sandals or mules will help to place accents in the image.

With a blouse

With the help of a blouse, you can successfully play with the contrast of textures to dilute the everyday life of leather trousers. For example, choose an airy model made of transparent fabric in combination with a top of the same shade. On the feet - high boots with a flat sole or light sandals.

The combination of leather trousers and a flowing silk blouse looks no less elegant. This is a great choice for a romantic date.

With a shirt

A solid white shirt and black leather pants are a win-win combination for any occasion. To slightly dilute the image and make the figure lighter, you can unbutton the top buttons.

If you want to get a romantic look, then you can choose a Victorian-style shirt. Her puffy sleeves will perfectly smooth the bottom, and a knitted vest will enhance your outfit.

With a jacket

A jacket made of natural materials in a masculine style combined with leather trousers is a great combination for everyday wear and street style. It can be diluted with a shirt or T-shirt, which will also be appropriate for office work. You can complement the image with discreet jewelry, a chain or a watch.

With a sweater

In cold weather, leather trousers can be combined with a sweater. If the model is narrower, then it is better to choose a volume version of the top. However, both cropped sweaters and models with textured knitting and a high collar look appropriate. A coat and ankle boots, or a short jacket combined with massive boots, will help to complement your look.

With a crop top

High-waisted trousers and a crop top are the perfect combination for those who are not afraid to show off their waist. From above, you can throw on a loose shirt, jacket or jacket to smooth out the sexuality of the image a little. In this case, you can place accents with the help of accessories (bag, belt, jewelry), headdress.

What shoes to choose from?

When composing an image with leather pants for an event or for every day, it is extremely important to think over shoes - this is necessary to complete the entire outfit. In this case, you can focus on the following options:

  • Flat shoes are a comfortable and fashionable solution this season. Suitable for both a solemn event and a walk around the city. Pairs with almost any top, from a flowy blouse to a cocoon coat.
  • Cossacks are elegant boots that are perfect for leather trousers. They can be decorated with embroidery, leather carving, or appliqué. It is better to choose pastel or classic colors - they are more versatile.
  • For an evening look or going out, you can choose high-heeled shoes. In this case, the top should be a little more voluminous so that the outfit seems complete.
  • For everyday wear or walking around the city, sneakers or sneakers are suitable. They can be of various colors and styles. White restrained models are timeless classics for pairing with leather trousers.

Leather pants are a truly versatile piece of clothing. They can be combined with many things, it is easy to change the image depending on the color, style, and texture. The main thing is to focus on the features of your figure and the purpose of the exit, in this case, there are a huge number of options. In this video, you can see what else you can combine leather pants with.