There is nothing more refreshing than a hot cup of coffee. People usually love meeting over coffee, whether it's for personal discussion or business purposes. In a way, we can say coffee brings people together. So, wouldn't it be great if you brought this idea home and installed a coffee station right in your kitchen?

This personal coffee station will be like a mini coffee bar at home. It will allow you to fix quick cups of caffeine so you can enjoy some quality family time. Your friends will also want to hang out at your home every day. Honestly, once you have installed it, you'll be surprised how long you've gone without it.

To set up an ideal home coffee station, you'll need to work on your kitchen and coffee needs, find some ideas, set up some essentials, and enjoy your own homemade espresso anytime you want.

Organizing your kitchen's coffee station can be easy with these tips.

  1. Ensure that your coffee supplies are in order

Plan out everything that will be in your coffee station before you begin. A perfect cup of coffee requires more than just a coffee maker and coffee. Depending on how much needs to go inside your coffee station, you should design, arrange, and install it differently.

Include the following in your list:

  • All types of coffee makers, from single cup machines to espresso machines to drip coffee makers, French presses, etc.
  • Sweeteners such as syrups, dried creamers, and cinnamon
  • Utensils such as spoons, mugs, saucers, trays
  • Grinders
  • Electric kettle
  • Coffee beans
  1. Take a look online for inspiration

If you are unsure how your coffee station should look, you can find hundreds of photos, blogs, and home magazines on the internet showing various designs. Look through your favorite examples, and you can use these pictures as inspiration to come up with your own design ideas.

If there are any specific features you like, make a note of them. Put your own spin on those ideas and see what you can make of them in your kitchen.

  1. Consider how you want to design your kitchen

Set up the coffee station to fit in with your kitchen's overall design by matching the color scheme, theme, and pattern of your larger kitchen's organization.

  • A cluttered coffee station may not be appropriate if you have a minimalist kitchen. Consider hiding your supplies in cabinets or building the coffee station within one.
  • If your kitchen is small, you may not have sufficient counter space. Placing your station in a corner will give the impression that it doesn't occupy much space.
  • For your ingredients, steel canisters are ideal if your kitchen is industrialist or modern.
  1. Make your coffee station unique

Your coffee station can be customized based on your preferences. Ideally, you should have a convenient place where you can make coffee fast for your family and guests.

Before setting up your station, install hooks, shelves, and cabinets to have a perfectly organized station with all its accessories in place and a tidy kitchen. Start by marking the height of the coffee maker with a pencil on the wall where you think you might place it. You can use this to measure where shelves or hooks can be installed. Shelf and cabinet measurements should be taken above the mark, not below it.

Create a special cabinet to store all your coffee items. A closed cabinet will make your kitchen look less cluttered, so use a swing door or roller blinds to customize it. Additionally, to make the station more appealing, add some lights on the top of the nook.

If you're planning to hang your mugs, use well-rounded hooks that can be firmly nailed to the wall. Hooks may not hold mugs well if you use adhesive tape. In addition, you can hang the hooks on a wall-mounted cabinet or buy premade mug racks.

  1. Pick the best espresso machine for your needs

Making great coffee at home requires a great machine. It will be here that you will demonstrate your brewing skills. Most often, espresso machines are easy to use and can be used to create the perfect cup of coffee. Consequently, you should find a machine that you can afford, operate easily, and give you control over each process. There are some machines that offer high-end features such as automatic sterilization, warmers, and even LED lights to make the process of making coffee more enjoyable.

  1. Dedicated space for your coffee station

Now that you have purchased the coffee machine, it's time to find the best spot in your kitchen to place it. If you already have the coffee station corner set up (as discussed in the previous step), then you already know where to place it. However, if you haven't, use the things that are already part of your kitchen to guide you to the ideal spot. For example, the space where you place your utensils can accommodate your coffee machine. Or, if you don't have enough counter space, perhaps utilize a cabinet or side table to set up the machine.

If you want an even better coffee station, you can get it professionally built. The most important thing is to have enough space and the right accessories available to make a quick cup of coffee whenever you need one.

  1. Decorate the space by displaying coffee beans, baskets, and smaller containers

Store the different types of coffee in your kitchen using small containers and baskets to organize your coffee station. Coffee beans and coffee-related items don't belong in a cluttered cabinet. Make sure you sort your special coffee kinds into different containers and baskets so that you can easily access the right coffee at the right time.

  1. Add-ons for your coffee station

If you want to go all out on accentuating the aesthetics of your coffee station, consider adding the following items:

  • Place sugar and coffee bowls
  • Feature unique artwork above your station
  • Decorate with flowers
  • Make a chic spot for folded napkins


A coffee station offers you convenient access to all of the supplies you need for making coffee. You can design your kitchen elegantly to create a professional café in the comfort of your home. Plan out exactly what you want to create for your coffee station, considering the limitations and space available in your kitchen. It shouldn't take long to set up the coffee station. You can also give the space your signature touch in decorating and organizing according to your needs.