The kitchen is the center of activity in any household because it brings family members together. It’s where you catch up with family members or entertain friends when they visit. Kitchens are also becoming increasingly important as a survey of 1005 Australian grocery shoppers has shown that people cook more often now than before. To make cooking easier and seamless, people prefer their kitchens to have a very convenient layout and be stocked with the best appliances.

Let’s also not forget that a kitchen is vital in attracting buyers if you ever decide to sell your house. A survey conducted by the Real Estate Buyers of Australia found that the main item on a buyer’s wish list when buying a house was an open-plan living area and kitchen. So if you plan on moving houses soon, you might want to look at renovations that make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Not sure where to start? Here are some things that you should do and some things you should avoid when designing a modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Do’s

Think About Flow and Connection

The kitchen is the heart of any house and should be situated in the center, surrounded by the living and dining rooms. A modern kitchen should be designed while keeping flow and connection in mind. Take inspiration from the modern designs by simply Googling what’s trending in your area. Look up “kitchens Brisbane“ or “contemporary kitchen designs Brisbane” for inspiration.

You can also talk to a design expert to ensure your kitchen space is well-connected to the rest of the house. If you’re not sure how to accomplish that, consider knocking down a wall and installing an island or a kitchen counter in its place to connect the next room with the kitchen. This will add more space and open your kitchen to the rest of the house.

Hide Your Appliances

Stainless steel appliances gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, but they can make a kitchen feel very industrial and take away from the homey feeling most people want.

The latest solution to this problem is hiding appliances using creative ideas like covered refrigerators and microwave drawers. Another way to hide appliances is a butler’s pantry. This pantry, in addition to being a storage area for all your dry goods, also has some elements of functionality. You can put your appliances in the butler’s pantry to hide them from sight and free up some valuable space on the kitchen counter.

Mix and Match

Previously, it was very trendy to make sure all your kitchen’s surfaces, cabinets, accessories, and finishes matched each other. However, now, it is considered much more stylish to mix and match different elements to create a well-balanced, cohesive look. Where metals are concerned, you can select one metal as your primary finish and then choose complementary metals to accentuate the look.

You can also vary the finish on these metals from matte, brushed, satin, or polished, to make your kitchen look even more interesting. Choose different colors for cabinets for your top and bottom doors one light and one dark. This will bring a whole new look to your kitchen and keep it from looking boring and dull.

Modern Kitchen Design Don’ts

Too Much Color

Playing with colors was all the rage a few years back, which is why you will see a lot of bright walls or cabinet doors in kitchens built in the last decade. However, to achieve a more modern look, it is best to avoid very bright colors that draw too much attention as they are not trendy anymore.

It is best to use a neutral color palette for cabinets, fixtures, and appliances in contemporary houses. A little splash of color can then be added through lighting or accessories. A kitchen like this is guaranteed to age better than one decorated with too many bold colors.

Speckled Granite Countertops

Speckled granite countertops used to be very popular, probably because there weren’t many options available. The choices now vary in countertops like a butcher’s block, quartz, or marble and you can play with so many materials.

Opting for one of these will give your kitchen a more modern look and set it apart from the older kitchens employing granite.

Short Cabinets

Short cabinets can make even the most spacious kitchens look small and cramped. So you should avoid installing short cabinets and instead opt for tall ones flush with the ceiling.

This will give the illusion that your kitchen is bigger and brighter than it really is. Thankfully, tall cabinets go with all sorts of kitchen styles, like Italian, classic, or contemporary.

Minimal Lighting

The right lighting can transform any space from drab and boring to bright and beautiful. Your kitchen is no different.

Apart from the aesthetic value, good lighting also improves visibility and makes it easier for you to work in the kitchen. So if your kitchen has a big window, don’t cover it with blinds and use the natural light.

If you don’t have a window, invest in big pendant lights over the counter. You can also install strip lights beneath the upper cabinets for some extra light on your counters.


The kitchen is one of the essential elements of the house. From family gatherings to evening meals and daily cook-ins, most family drama happens here. This is why a kitchen needs to be welcoming and inviting.

A modern kitchen can also make your house more attractive to buyers if you plan on selling it soon. Hence, investing in a renovation or a remodel is a great idea. Try to hide your appliances in drawers or get a butler’s pantry to keep them out of sight and free up some space on the counter. Try to mix and match the colors in neutral tones. However, avoid using too many bold and bright colors as they look outdated. Choose quartz or marble instead of granite for countertops and install plenty of lighting to brighten up the space. Go for tall cabinets to make your kitchen feel spacious and give it an overall modern look.